Shadowhunters Premier Party: Food Ideas

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I love a good excuse to throw a party with yummy food.  So in conjunction with Alice Scraps Wonderland, I threw a premier party for Shadowhunters, a television show on Freeform (the new name for ABC Family) based of the world-wide bestselling book series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

I'm a huge fan of the books and so I picked out foods mentioned in the series or foods that seemed to fit a character's personality to serve at my party. Alice Scraps Wonderland made some fun food name cards to label the different foods on the buffet table and has been making beautiful mixed media Shadowhunters inspired tags that are perfect to display on a buffet table full of food!

In the first book, The City of Bones, Jace pulls a tub of leftover spaghetti out of the fridge that is clearly labeled with Hodge's name when he sees Isabelle attempting to make dinner.  (Apparently Izzy can't cook and no one at the Institute wants to eat the food she makes.)  So my mom, Sylvia, made her famous lasagna sauce (a super secret family recipe--sorry!) and boiled some spaghetti noodles and I labeled it "Hodge's Favorite Spaghetti."  We also added a little shredded fresh parmesan to the mix!  And since garlic bread goes wonderfully with spaghetti, we made some and I decided to name it "Simon's Anti Vampire Garlic Bread."  It's perfect for the nerdy boy who believes garlic might save him from those bloodsucking nighttime monsters.  I also made a mixed green salad topped with apples, strawberries, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds.  With all the fruit it was quite magical for this time of year so it was bestowed the namesake of "Magnus' Magical Salad."  And I bought some Izze sodas (because of Izzy, duh!) to wash it all down with.  I really wanted some blackberry flavored Izze sodas to mirror the sultry color of Izzy's lipstick in the TV show, but my local grocery store was out so I went with grapefruit--a pretty girly pink, plus clementine because it's one of my favorites!

For dessert I chose to make some vanilla cupcakes iced with my favorite buttercream (chocolate cherry) that I tinted black.  I sprinkled on a few white candy pearls and made angelic runes with melted white chocolate to place on top of the cupcakes.  I labeled these "Clary's Artistic Angelic Rune Cupcakes" because in the beginning of the show, Clary doodles Shadowhunter runes without knowing what she is doing.  In one of the later books in the series, Jace mentions he likes mangos so I picked up a mango sorbet and a mango sorbetto.  We all know Jace is charming and smooth so I labeled this "Jace's Smooth Mango Sorbet."  I served up a scoop of the cold yummy goodness in a chilled martini glass.  In the books, Madame Dorothea (known as Dot in the TV show) asks Jace and Clary if they would like tea when they came to visit her in the first book.  Jace tells her anything but Earl Grey because he hates bergamot.  So I found a Mortal Cup-like chalice in my Oma's china cabinet and stuffed it with bags of Tazo's Earl Grey tea.  I pulled out some of my sister's vintage teacups and a teapot as well.

As for tablescaping, I used a black tablecloth with a white and silver table runner.  I always like differences in hight when setting up a buffet table.  It's very artistic and pleasing to the eye.  So I used one of my Oma's fancy cake stands to hold the cupcakes up high and propped the salad bowl up on a short vase turned upside down and stuffed with a silver organza napkin and a strand of glimmer lights.  I also added silver mercury glass candle pedestals and candles then placed the tags created by Alice Scraps Wonderland around the table.

Don't forget to visit Alice Scraps Wonderland's blog for more on the tags and cards!

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